Eminem as the Punisher

Two great tastes that shoot things together, as XXL magazine dresses up Eminem as the Punisher for a new cover, with a new comic inside, as well. BTW, is it just us or does Em’s face look like…a CGI version of a person? Weird.

Amazonfail fallout

While offline (randomly) for two days, we missed the biggest story ever on Twitter, #amazonfail, which is, depending on who you listen to, a technical “glitch” or a incredibly clumsy attempt on Amazon’s part to remove potentially “offensive” material, which ended up being mostly gay-themed literature. As covered by every media outlet in existence, the […]

Bryan Talbot reveals he is Veronique Tanaka

A year or so ago, our good pal Bryan Talbot started telling us about a new artist that he had met in France, a French-Japanese woman named Veronique Tanaka who had created a rather unusual graphic novel called METRONOME that not only worked as an animated movie but told a story through meta images and […]

Tonight: HUMBUG at the Strand

Tonight, a comic event which will be very difficult to top no matter how many more you see this year: An Evening with HUMBUGFeaturing Arnold Roth and Al Jaffee in conversation with Gary GrothTuesday, April 14, 7:00PMThe Strand Bookstore12th St. & Broadway, New York, NY The occasion is a discussion of HUMBUG, the humor magazine […]

Up and at ’em!

We’re back online, and back at work, but rather than try to play catch up, we’re taking this outage as the great “Wipe the slate clean!” break that we so badly needed. So all those old tabs are permanently closed and we’re just moving FORWARD. While we rediscover the joys of the internet, you might […]