DC Month-to-Month Sales May 2008

by Marc-Oliver Frisch In May, DC Comics finally awoke from their year-long beauty sleep. Unfortunately, they seem to be getting up on the wrong side of the bed. The good news, now, is that the first two chapters of the much-hyped “Batman RIP” storyline made the Top 10. The bad news, as you may have […]

Why we fight

There’s been a bit of back and forth here in the comments about what’s the best way to get your foot in the door, and whether WFH is good or bad or whether signing a shit contract is sometimes a great career move, but we think this quote from Mark Millar explains what’s going on: […]

Deconstructing Roy Lichtenstein

This Flickr stream comparing the original comics panel Roy Lichtenstein “deconstructed” with his high art verions may just be the best such page we’ve yet seen. And where is Tony Abruzzo now, we wonder? The assembler, David Barsalou, sent us a few more links: His own Lichtenstein Project page A blog post looking at the […]

Oh, Mark Millar!

What with WANTED’s very strong debut, original scribe Mark Millar is having his day in the sun, and you know what? He’s earned it. A few days ago, the UK Evening Times profiled him: JET lag is an occupational hazard for Mark Millar. That and other hardships, like having Angelina Jolie rub suntan lotion on […]

Kochman upped to Executive Editor at Abrams

Editor Charlie Kochman, who has spearheaded the creation of a whole new mega kids franchise by bringing Jeff Kinney’s Diary of A Wimpy Kid to the masses, has been rewarded with a promotion to Executive at Abrams. Kochman joined Abrams in February 2005 from DC Comics/MAD Magazine. His background in comics has significantly increased Abrams’ […]


We’re taking the next few days slow on the blogging front. June is the cruelest month as far as the circuit goes — four shows in one month, and we didn’t even go to Chicago. We need a little time to recharge, regroup and change the kitty litter, and the number of typos we’ve been […]