SANDMAN 20th anniversary poster

We managed not to get a SANDMAN 20th Anniversary poster with art by Jill Thompson, Tony Harris, Steve Leialoha, Mike Allred, Bryan Talbot, and more than 25 others, but Vulture shows it to you. Follow the link for the whole thing and a character key.

Little newsy bits

Lots of stuff emerging from the cracks of con reports: ¶ Neil Gaiman’s Batman interview: So I don’t have to write lots and lots of emails back to all the journalists: 1) Yes, I am writing a two part Batman story. 2) Yes, Andy Kubert will be drawing it. 3) Yes, it will be two […]

More thoughts, more memories

You can’t stop after just 300. Just some random linkage and so on; by reading a few of these, you begin to see the elephant: § Caleb Monroe attempts the greatest experiment of all with a pedometer: So, since my feet sure feel the mileage every year, this year I thought I’d find out just […]

Seek the DVD set

Apparently there was some kind of viral game for AMC’S PRISONER remake going on at Comic-Con, and they were responsible for the skywriting: AMC played their own little marketing game (Fox also did this with Fringe) at Comic Con to create buzz for their remake of the 1960’s cult classic The Prisoner. Attendees were provided […]

New Garfield book without Garfield announced

Ballantine is going to collect those bleak, nihilistic “Garfield Minus Garfield” strips by Dan Walsh. PR below: The full-color book format will give readers the experience of having both the original and doctored Garfield strips together on the same page for comparison. Dublin, Ireland-based Garfield Minus Garfield creator Dan Walsh will provide the foreword to […]

Why we fight

When you see a picture like this, it is really impossible not to want to go to San Diego, despite the crowds and expense, isn’t it? Via Dean Trippe.

Manga news roundup; Tpop and Gentosha pact

ComiPress has an exhaustive guide to all the manga-related SD doings. Simon Jones has a guide to the guide. Among the interesting tiddle taddle-bits: Although absent from the show, Tokyopop announced a deal with Japanese publisher Gentosha Global manga giants TOKYOPOP and Gentosha Comics have entered into a worldwide partnership to advance the cause of […]

Rorschach’s SDCC journal: Ha, bloody, ha

RECOMMENDED: Neil Kleid does Rorschach’s SDCC Journal: Meeting with Warners left bad taste in mouth. Pampered and decadent, betraying even their own shallow, poor understanding of the comic book industry. Comics industry as bad. Flabby failure that sits whimpering in mothers’ basement. Why are so few of us in this industry active, healthy and without […]

SD08 Pictures

Okay, we lied. We’re going to put good photo sets we find in this one link, so keep checking. First up, Beaucoup Kevin’s always excellent photos. § NEW! (I think) Hip Flask’s photos. § Royal Flush and Jah Furry!