Nick Mag Comics Archives

Nick Magazine editor Chris Duffy writes to tell us that Nick Mag has an archive of many of its comics online now. Most are based on Nick shows, but there are also original creations by many top indie cartooners. Dave Roman has some more info, but Chris helpfully points to some of the highlights: Sam […]

Platinum and Tokyopop drama continues

Oh boy, will the drama never end. Dylan Squires, founder of Drunk Duck — the webportal purchased by Platinum Studios, and a source of some of its thousands and thousands of potential movie franchises — has left Platinum: I just want to let you all know that a short while ago I left Platinum Studios […]

Maury joins NPR

Frequent PWCW contributor and Beat pal Laurel Maury has been named the new official comics reviewer for NPR. Congratulations to Laurel! Her first piece covers THE RABBI’S CAT: If you’re used to comics smacking you over the head with superheroes and fantasy, prepare to be seduced and charmed. Joann Sfar’s series about the rabbi and […]

More on Journamalism

Dollar Bin has the audio of the infamous Covering Comics panel from Heroes Con up, so you can judge for yourselves how pathetic we sound. God, this is depressing. How can intelligent people say this stuff and not acknowledge what’s coming out of their mouths? This isn’t journalism, or criticism, this is public relations. Promotion. […]