RIP: George Carlin

Everyone may have Post-Convention blahs (or more accurately, Tired of Reading Internet Rumor blahs), but it would be bad to not take a moment and reflect of the loss of the greatest stand-up comedians of all time, George Carlin. Carlin, who died Sunday at age 71 from heart failure, saw his career go through a […]

DC update: DiDio not going anywhere

Despite all the whispers, shouts and murmurs, all indications are that far from having his job on the chopping block, executive editor Dan DiDio’s contract has actually been renewed and he’ll be running the DCU for a while. Now, before everybody pisses and moans about this, just stop. There are many behind the scenes reasons […]

The Education of D.J. Coffman

A week ror so ago, Platinum Studio’s #1 supporter, DJ Coffman announced he was suspending his HERO BY NIGHT comic because of non-payment issues. He remained optimistic, however, that he and Platinum Studios could negotiate a reversion of rights. Today, his education continues when Platinum COO Brian Altounian tells him that because of his whistleblowing, […]

Other Heroes links

§ Comic Related has a ton of pictures and podcast material but we’re too lazy to get all the links together….the site isn’t very well organized but there are some great pics up. Definition of great pic: surprisingly flettering shot of The Beatafter the podcast panel. § Van Jensen contributes an excellent wide ranging report. […]

Hollywood to San Diego: Don’t stink us up

This weekend the New York Times looked at Hollywood’s reliance on San Diego as a marketing toolm but it isn’t all good news: For those planning to attend Comic-Con International, the giant comic-book and fantasy convention scheduled to begin on July 24 in San Diego, the event’s organizers have published some helpful hints. No. 21: […]


From Eric Reynolds: Clementine Bean Reynolds was born Saturday afternoon (June 21) at 3:15 PM in Ballard’s Swedish Hospital. She weighed 7lbs, 2 oz, and is 20 inches long. Rhea and Clem are both doing great and we’re overwhelmed but happier than we could have imagined. Clem has strawberry blonde hair and a prodigious appetite, […]

Home from Heroes

Note to self: Do not book travel in the late afternoon during the summer. The potential for thunderstorm-fueled delays is huge. Although we’d wanted to get home fresh and rested for Monday morning, instead, while everyone else was enjoying the legendary Heroes Con dead dog party at owner Shelton Drum’s store, we were sitting on […]