DC Month-to-Month Sales: April 2008

by Marc-Oliver Frisch Looking at the pertinent facts and carefully weighing all the available data, it can be safely concluded that, at DC Comics, April was the month before May. The year-long weekly Countdown to Final Crisis concluded, and so did several other storylines, creative runs and limited series. The book that was probably the […]

What’s up at Platinum

Rich Johnston is the recipient of a letter sent by Platinum to its creators from President and Chief Operating Officer, Brian Altounian: Hey folks. I wanted to personally send out a note to all of you addressing some of the most recent communications flying around about Platinum Studios. First and foremost, I want to thank […]

Crisis at Final Continuity Gaffe

This much quoted interview with Grant Morrison reveals that paying attention to too much DC continuity isn’t all that profitable. We’ve been out of town, but we understand the fan reaction to FINAL CRISIS #1 has been an outcry against continuity gaffes — not all of it Morrison’s fault: NRAMA: Within a few pages of […]

UPDATE: CBLDF to handle Rory Root donations

Following yesterday’s announcement regarding the Rory Root Memorial, there’s now some good news: The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF) has graciously extended an offer to handle the donations processes for the memorial celebrations that will take place on June 21st. This generous act will allow the staff at Comic Relief and the Root family […]

Links of note

§ Paul Levitz is back blogging at Newsarama, and as always many interetsing topics are touched upon, but perhaps this is of the most note for our interests: * E-mails, memos and call slips to catch up on: Random House reports opening hundreds of new accounts for DC graphic novels since taking on our book […]

Howard Cruse and foreign reprint woes

Over on his blog, Howard Cruse reveals that foreign reprints aren’t always a cake walk: Which is more than I can say for Dolmen Editorial, La Cupula’s competitor, which licensed Stuck Rubber Baby years ago, produced as a beautiful a Spanish-language edition as any author could ask, boasted about the Saló del Còmic de Barcelona […]

DVF and Wonder Woman, Supergirl

The lICensing Show kicks off in New York today and a bunch of press releases are going out, including this one on a new Wonder Woman fashion launch: IT’S WONDERFULLY SUPER TO BE A GIRL WBCP, on behalf of DC Comics, recently announced a partnership with fashion design icon Diane von Furstenberg for a Wonder […]

Quote of the Day

“if someone you’ve never met doesn’t recognize you at a con, consider methods other than a low-self esteem blog post to get in touch.” —R Stevens via Twitter