Marvel Month-to-Month Sales May 2008

By Paul O’Brien The May sales charts have received a lot of attention already, and we all know what the big story is: FINAL CRISIS #1 triumphed for DC, vindicating the controversial direction of their superhero imprint, and proving the critics wrong. Oh no, hold on. That’s Earth-2. Here in the real world, FINAL CRISIS […]

Lynda Barry

The Comics Reporter has an interview with Lynda Barry up that is THE MUST READ of the week and maybe the month because this artist is a national treasure, and when you read things like this, it just amazes and saddens: I was at a pretty low point because I was also getting kicked out […]

Wizard World updates

ICv2 reports that it’s all so new at Wizard World Chicago: Shamus described himself as “totally out” at the IFL, and “back at Wizard.” “It’s actually very exciting,” he said. “I have a renewed energy. Even though it’s my own company, I’ve been able to come back and take a fresh look with the Wizard […]

Who’s buying Wowio? Platinum

Hm, curiouser and curiouser. Platinum Studios Announces It Is in Negotiations to Acquire WOWIO, LLC. Notice this is not an announcement that Platinum is BUYING Wowio, just an announcement that they are talking about doing it. Given the state of Platinum’s cash flow these days (as shown by the SEC filings) their acquiring any business […]

Motion on Superboy settlement?

Jeff Trexler rounds up some evidence that mediation is slogging towards a settlement in the Superboy/Superman lawsuits, including a comment by Dan DiDio this weekend that “We’ve got SuperBOY Prime (yes, we can say that again).” However, DiDio’s reference to Superboy is not the only piece of evidence to emerge this weekend. On Friday, the […]

Modan’s “Terminal Patient”

Rutu Modan’s new strip at The New York Times has begun. It’s called “The Murder of the Terminal Patient.” The paper also presents a slideshow of Moden’s previous work.

More with Eric Stephenson

CBR presents an interview with newly installed Image publisher, Eric Stephenson: I have a lot of goals, actually, but I think my biggest goal, the one that kind of arches over everything else, is to make more people aware of some of the great comics Image is putting out, getting our books in front of […]

Journalism update

Must reading: Don MacPherson looks at some recent comics stories and why “no comment” may not always be the best answer. He also depressed us with an example of how things work in the real world: My day job is a courts/crime reporter. I’ve developed strong and valuable rapports with police officers, lawyers, even judges; […]

One less place to eat in San Diego

San Diego, city of gas explosions and grease fires. The landmark Kansas City Barbeque, a locale well known to convention attendees and viewers of TOP GUN, was gutted in a fire last week: A fire that started in an open cooking pit Thursday at Kansas City Barbeque gutted the landmark Marina area eatery, known for […]

Warning: WANTED is not a date movie

While WANTED broke the string of comic book movies opening at #1, it was still boffo, with $51.1 million at the box office. It also set some R-rated records: “Wanted” scored the best opening ever for an R-rated film released in June and the sixth best of all time for any R-rated pic. Film, also […]

“If we find it, we will shoot it.”

Guillermo Del Toro is not entirely sanguine on a HOBBIT II movie “We believe there is a second movie,” del Toro said during a discussion at the Majestic Crest. “If there isn’t, there will not be. If we find it, we will shoot it, but by God, if we do not find it, we will […]

A New Meaning to the phrase Bat-Phone

Did you notice a couple months ago when there was an IRON MAN themed phone? Well, it’s Batman’s turn. I only found out about this when I was paying my cell phone bill and saw the ad for the new Nokia DARK KNIGHT Edition. Article about it here. Posted by Mark Coale


Over at Comicmix, Rick Marshall shows us what we’re missing: On a lighter note, I started my day sharing an elevator with Angus Scrimm, the “Tall Man” from the Phantasm horror films. Apparently, Wizard World wasn’t the only game in town this weekend, as the Flashback Weekend horror film convention was also in town for […]

Stephenson replaces Larsen as Image Publisher

Tolja so: Comic Book Resources has the news that Erik Larsen is stepping down as Image publisher, and longtime Executive director Eric Stephenson is replacing him. Why the Erik for Eric switch? Larsen wanted to spend more time doing what he loves most: making his own comics: I loved the job and it was great […]

RIP: Michael Turner

A terribly sad announcement from Aspen has gone out announcing the death of artist Michael Turner, who had been battling bone cancer for the last 8 years. Turner was best known as the artist of WITCHBLADE, but in recent years had been a much sought after cover artist. In 2002 he founded his own publishing […]

Scalped SDCC tickets

It had to happen. Tom McLean reports: Right now, there are about a dozen or so auctions up on eBay for Comic-Con passes. Prices on completed auctions show people willing to pay more than $100 for a sold-out one-day Saturday pass that originally sold for $35. Four-day passes, which originally cost $75 each and have […]