A great American

To whoever gave us that box of Jacques Torres chocolate covered espresso beans at NYCC — someone whose identity we have completely blanked out on in the ensuing head trauma — you are a great person. Those beans have kept us going for the past four weeks! Send more chocolate covered espreso beans whoever you […]

A little more on Sammy Harkham

Frankly, we didn’t expect the $125 price tag on KRAMERS ERGOT #7 to create such a ruckus in the comments. To give a little more perspective, here’s the ENTIRE quote on the book from a profile of editor Sammy Harkham: Last year, Harkham lured the reclusive artist to Los Angeles for a weeklong Kramers celebration […]

Superman drawings removed from auction

Several people sent us think link to a Boing Boing post about a children’s cancer charity benefit being shut down because of unauthoized use of DC characters. Organizer Alex explains: I messed up. I just got notice that two of the Superman related auctions have been removed from the site and the rest are probably […]

The Eagle Awards anounced at last

The Eagle Awards winners have been posted. We’re told a 17-year-old girl has been put in charge of the awards for next year; which will surely lead to a more timely posting of the winners, if only on her LJ: Favorite Newcomer WriterMATT FRACTION Favourite Newcomer ArtistDAVID AJA Favourite Comics WriterALAN MOORE Favourite Comics Writer/ArtistALAN […]

I’m a Marvel and you’re a slowpoke

Borys Kit picks on Warner Bros: As Marvel embarks on transferring its universe of comics characters to the big screen, it is determined to succeed where DC Comics and its corporate sibling Warner Bros. have stumbled. But then, Marvel always has been one step ahead of DC. Turns out that Marvel is not only tying […]

RIP Robert Rauschenberg

Legendary Abstract Expressionist Robert Rauschenberg has died at age 82. A painter, photographer, printmaker, choreographer, onstage performer, set designer and, in later years, even a composer, Mr. Rauschenberg defied the traditional idea that an artist stick to one medium or style. He pushed, prodded and sometimes reconceived all the mediums in which he worked. Building […]