Manga sales decline in Japan

Also via Simon Jones, ComicsSnob looks at an overview of 2007 manga sales in Japan: Bullet Points: # Japanese manga sales slip another 2.3% in 2007, but# the medium is gaining currency as a tool of Soft Power diplomacy# …and increased academic and scholarly attention. There’s much more in the link, not all of it […]

So much for asking for a review copy…

The Comics Journal message board comments on the fact that KRAMERS ERGOT #7, the new issue of Sammy Harkham’s epic and influential avant garde comics anthology will cost $125 for 96 pages. You can see the Amazon listing here. K. Parille explains. The book is more expensive than earlier volumes because it is much larger. […]

Fantagraphics going with Diamond?

The TCJ board floats the rumor that Fantagraphics is going exclusive with Diamond for the DM — if true. Norton would continue to be their bookstore distributor, of course. Barry Rodges emails Tony Shenton, FBI’s indie sales rep, and has this cryptic comment: This does make sense from a business standpoint, but Shannon’s right in […]

Very quick blog hits

§ Marv Wolfman writes of frequent collaborator Gene Colan who as reported this weekend, is quite ill: Gene’s art has always been singular in comics. You see hundreds of Kirby imitators, lots of Buscema clones, those who try to mimic Jim Lee or name an artist, but nobody has ever tried to copy Gene’s work, […]

Witchblade is coming back to the screen

Top Cow’s franchise character is set to come back in a movie, via an alliance of Platinum, Top Cow and Arclight Films. Pic will be produced by Arclight’s Gary Hamilton and Nigel Odell, Platinum Studios’ Scott Mitchell Rosenberg and Steve Squillante of Havenwood Media. Top Cow’s Marc Silvestri and Matt Hawkins will be exec producers […]

Thanks, Bristol!

While the Eagle award winners still haven’t been put online, more informal awards called the 2008 Golden Champagne Glass Awardshave been announced. They were presented at some kind of drunken bar fest during the Bristol con in the UK, and apparently we really did win one for Best Journalist (US). Organizer Tony Lee assures us […]