There you go, Astro Boy

This weekend in Japan, the Yakult Swallows baseball team wore throwback jerseys in their series against the Tokyo Giants. Back then, the Swallows were called the Yakult Atoms and had an Astro Boy logo on their jerseys. Check it out here

Marvel News: IRON MAN 2 and stock up

Marvel held an earnings call this morning, and the big, no-brainer news was IRON MAN 2 in 2010. Also on the slate: THOR in 2010, followed by CAPTIAN AMERICA: FIRST AVENGER and THE AVENGERS in 2011. 2009 will be a bare cupboard year for Marvel, because of the writers strike, but IRON MAN’s smashing debut […]

Free Comic Book Day 2008 round-up

[Cartoon Via American Elf.] Retailers around the world report that Saturday’s Free Comic Book Day was a big success. Lots of kids came in, happy to be getting their free comics, potential new customers came out in large numbers, and it was a big event in and of itself. In Dearborn, MI, the Mayor even […]

IRON MAN debut spectacular

It is official: Iron Man is a monster hit, taking in over $200 mil worldwide in its first weekend. Pictures and Marvel Studios’ Iron Man exceeded all expectations, earning a massive $100.75 million during its opening weekend domestically from 4,105 theaters and $104.2 million since debuting Thursday night, averaging $24,543 per site. Internationally, the film […]


ยง Joe Quesada in the Washington Post, with interesting choices for his favorite Marvel movies. Are you excited about the two major summer movies Marvel has coming out? I’m absolutely thrilled. To me, this is the natural progression that Marvel as a company should be taking. For many years, when I wasn’t even working here, […]

Rome, GA humor

Even the Rome News – Tribune cartoonist is getting in on the act of making sport of DA Leigh Patterson, who prosecuted the Gordon Lee case and apparently has a reputation for doggedly pursuing shaky “quality of life” cases like this.

RIP Danton Burroughs

Mark Evanier reports the death of Danton Burroughs, longtime caretaker of Edgar Rice Burrough’s estate: Danton Burroughs โ€” the grandson of Edgar Rice Burroughs and a major force in keeping that man’s work alive โ€” left us Wednesday evening at the age of 64. He had been suffering from Parkinson’s Disease for some time and […]