Marvel Month-to-Month Sales: March 2008

By Paul O’Brien After a quiet couple of months, March saw Marvel starting to gear up again. In fact, there’s only one really big new title this month – DARK TOWER, which returns for a second miniseries. But there’s also the launch of two new monthly series, CABLE and WOLVERINE: FIRST CLASS. And although SECRET […]

REMINDER: IRON MAN in the comics

By the by, if you are coming to IRON MAN and want to read more of Ol’ Shellhead’s adventures, Alan Kistler at ComicMix has the story that should have been the lead story on EVERY comics website this week: 10 Must-Read Stories Before You Watch ‘Iron Man’ in Theaters. Marvel has repeatedly learned that boffo […]

May Day!

May Day by Eric Drooker. May Day by Walter Crane. May Day in a traditional celebration around the Maypole. May Day, akak Beltane, as it is celebrated in Edinburgh — dancing half naked around a fire. We tried to find a picture of the traditional Beltane battle between Gwyn ap Nudd and Gwythur ap Greidawl […]