Dark Horse, Uni pact

Dark Horse and Universal have announced a 3-year production/distro deal. Universal is putting out this year’s HELLBOY 2 (which was long without a studio; HELLBOY 1 was at Revolution). With the success of Sin City, 300 and 30 Days of Night (which Dark Horse also had a production credit on, despite it being published by […]


The rescheduled HOTWIRE release party–felled by a blizzard on the original date– takes place tonight at Rocketship. DRINKS! COMICS!! BEEF PATTIES!!(?) and…….CARTOONISTS!! ZANGO!!!! Mark Dean Veca Sam Henderson R. Sikoryak Jonathon Rosen Mark Newgarden Chadwick Whitehead Danny Hellman Craig Yoe Glenn Head

Learn more about making comics at Hanley’s

For ANOTHER take on making graphic mnovels, go to Jim Hanley’s Universe this afternoon for an event with Paul Karasik and the Center for Cartoon Studies: Friday March 14th, 2008 5 – 7PM Learn more about The Center for Cartoon Studies Certificate & MFA Program From CCS Students & Paul Karasik A group of Center […]

Sound advice from Brian Wood

Speaking of SPLAT, the New York Post (!) previews the event with a cheeky lede: BESIDES all the usual dreams young people move to New York to chase – singing, acting, sleeping with the governor – you can now add authoring graphic novels to the list. but then gets into a very serious discussion with […]

This Weekend: SPLAT

The New York Center for Independent Publishing is presenting one of the biggest graphic novel events ever: SPLAT: The First Ever NYCIP Graphic Novel Symposium. With three tracks of programming and a speaker line-up from Brian Wood to Scott McCloud to Alex Cox to Richard Stevens, SPLAT is also one of the most ambitious. Registration […]

Jeff and Vijaya’s busy day

Jeff Smith’s blog comments on the comics’ move to Warner Bros: The whole thing happened very quickly last Friday night. Warners called and made us a real offer, it was as simple as that. They stated their seriousness to stay true to the books, and after a couple of back and forths, the whole thing […]

Cold Cut becomes Haven

Cold Cut Distribution, the largest comics-centric alternative to Diamond as a distributor, was recently acquired by a Chicago-based webcomics publisher, and the new owners are changing the name. PR: Rogue Wolf Entertainment announced today a new name to go along with the new face of Cold Cut… now known as Haven Distributors, or Haven Distro […]

Heavy Metal movie in the works

Is the world ready for a an updated trippy director/artist-cartoon mash-up, all influenced by European sex and drugs comics of the 70s and 80s? Yes.: Variety is reporting that Paramount is planning a new animated Heavy Metal film with segments directed by David Fincher (Seven, Zodiac), Tim Miller (Rockfish) and Kevin Eastman of Teenage Mutant […]

Buck Rogers returns from Dynamite

Buck Rogers, the early sci-fi comic strip icon is coming back to the comics from Dynamite Entertainment. Rogers debuted as “Anthony” Rogers in a couple of stories in Amazing Stories by Philip Francis Nowlan; syndicate executive John Flint Dille teamed with artist Dick Calkins to create the familiar “Buck Rogers” comic strip. Rogers was later […]