Li’l Bruce Wayne

Often disregarded as part of any continuity, Li’l Bruce Wayne was a long-running series of light-hearted comic books aimed at children, detailing the life of a young, fantastically wealthy Bruce Wayne (known in the series as “The Happiest Kid On Earth”) in the years before the deaths of Thomas and Martha Wayne and his subsequent […]

BONE to Warner Bros.

Jeff Smith’s BONE has been picked up for development by Dan Lin, who is also working on the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie. This paragraph should tell you all you need to know: Deal is a mid-six-figure option against seven figures for purchase. Property, described as Bugs Bunny meets “The Lord of the Rings,” likely will be […]

Paul Pope in the WSJ

Another narrative-defining profile, this time Paul Pope’s many media forays are profiled in the Wall Street Journal, with an emphasis on his work in the fashion world for Diesel and DKNY: Though he’s working with some of DKNY Jeans’ top people, Mr. Pope has never before designed clothes. His 12-year-old nephew jokes that Mr. Pope […]

Snaked goes to Hollywood

SNAKED, a mini series by Clifford Meth and Rufus Dayglo, published by IDW, is the latest comic to get an option, with producer Richard Saperstein (1408, Rob Zombie’s Halloween, The Mist, John Q, The Punisher, Frequency, and Se7en) developing the property. Ted Adams and Meth will exec produce, and Meth will pen the screenplay. Based […]

Marvel Studios: breaking new ground?

This profile of Marvel Studios in the LA Times will probably frame the narrative for a long time: Feige’s boss and friend, David Maisel, chairman of Marvel Studios, is pleased to be standing on the deck of a ship that can go in deep water. “We’re the first since DreamWorks started 14 years ago that […]

To do Tuesday: Comic Book Club!

This Tuesday, 3/11 we’ll once again be guests on The Comic Book Club, the weekly talk show about comics. This time we’ll be part of a “State of the Industry Summit” along with Kiel Phegley, John DiBello and Brian Heater. Brian’s announcement of the gig is actually way funnier than anything we could write, but […]