Jess Fink and Rachel Nabors updates

We’re happy to report that the Jess Fink vs Hot Topic brouhaha has been ended with a satisfying and righteous conclusion: “I would like to first and foremost, appologize for this situation. It is very important to us to support artists and their ventures and it just makes my stomach turn when something like this […]

Denton J. Tipton hired at IDW

IDW has hired a new editor named Denton J. Tipton to assist Chris Ryall. We also expect he will fill the void left by the departure of Ryder Windham from the editorial ranks long ago, and no, we can’t explain that joke either. Denton J. Tipton, a journalist and former comics retailer, is the new […]

So tired…

Once in a while we have to just state the obvious…The Beat is beat. We’re tuckered, knackered, all in…however you like to put it. We’re only human and something has to give. And that something is staying up all night to write this, like we usually do. So…we’re regrouping, recouping and drinking fluids. We will […]