RIP Steve Gerber

Writer Steve Gerber passed away on February 10th. He was 60 and had been hospitalized for the past few weeks due to pulmonary fibrosis. He was on the list for a lung transplant, but had developed an infection which greatly weakened his condition. Gerber had been blogging from his hospital bed about his illness. Gerber […]

DC RRP: To 2008 and beyond!

This weekend DC held one of its occasional RRP (Retailer Roundtable Program) meetings, an invite-only forum for retailers to see what’s coming up from DC in the year ahead. The last one was held in 2005 , so this is definitely the first one of the post-52/Dan Didio era. And it couldn’t come at a […]

Guerra on Who and other Y stuff

The i09 blog’s Kevin Kelly wraps up the Y: The Last Man Party, which featured both Grant Morrison and a monkey. The event was strictly limited to 140 people, and hopeful attendees were camping out overnight to get some of the “standing room only” tickets that went on sale just before it started. The VIP […]

Today’s Dave Sim appearance

Is at PANEL AND PIXEL: Shared Risk, Shared Responsibility and Shared Rewards. If you are entering the comic book field on the creative end, you have to realize that what you are doing is participating in the day-to-day business of roughly 3,000 other businesses — that’s how many comic book stores there are. With a […]

D’Orazio dishes

The Comics Reporter interviews Valerie D”Orazio and she clears the air on a number of topics. The interview also makes you realize how seldom anyone who has worked in the mainstream comics industry in the “modern” era ever talks about it in an analytical way: D’ORAZIO: When you are an assistant editor — at least […]

Random News ‘n’ Notes

§ Cult movie fans will enjoy this interview with Alex Cox about the now-a-graphic-novel sequel to ‘Repo Man, above. ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What was the genesis of Waldo’s Hawaiian Holiday? ALEX COX: In ’94-’95, I wrote it as a film script and gave it to Peter McCarthy, who was one of the original producers of Repo […]

Hulk movie news

While Marvel’s IRON MAN movie starring Robert Downey Jr. has been getting tons of positive press, strong buzz and a primo Super Bowl trailer slot, stable mate THE INCREDIBLE HULK, the Edward Norton-starrer has been a bit of a late bloomer with only a few stills released. The trailer has yet to come out but […]

RATATOUILLE sweeps Annie Awards

Ratatouille, the Pixar feature about a gourmet food loving rat won 10 Annie Awards over the weekend, including best feature, best writing and directing for Brad Bird, best voice acting for Ian Holm, best character animation, music, storyboarding, production design and best animated video game. Creature Comforts America won for best television program, and Seth […]