Skyscrapers of the Midwest

Chris Pitzer has announced the imminent hardcover collection of Josh Cotter’s Skyscrapers of the Midwest. Skyscrapers of the Midwest is best described as the winding tale of a young cat, his little brother, and the creeping shadow of imminent adolescence in the American heartland. Eisner and Ignatz nominated, Skyscrapers was the winner of the 2004 […]

I’m in!

Did you get a room? UPDATE 12:50 E.S.T.: The Travel Planners site has crashed and you can’t get through to the San Diego Hotel Con Room Blog either. We’re hearing nothing but anxious, frustrated messages from people who seemed to get through but then never got a confirmation. UPDATE 1:03 E.S.T.: The site is working […]

O’Malley covers SHOJO BEAT

Bryan Lee O’Malley unveils his cover for SHOJO BEAT and reveals several other cool things inside the magazine. Can you say “watershed”? But will the little girls like it? Technorati Tags: Ameri-manga, Bryan Lee O’Malley

Worthy Project #2: Words Without Borders

Words Without Borders bills itself as “The Online Magazine for INternational LIterature” and naturally, the latest issue turns to international comics. Philippe Dupuy and Charles Berberian, fresh from their Grand Prix at the Angoulême International Comics Festival, revisit Get a Life while Dupuy goes for a solo run. North Korean Cho Pyong Kwon sketches an […]

Interesting Stuff

§ Mike Lynch reminds everyone that submissions are open for the 2007 National Cartoonists Society Division Awards. §Tom Spurgeon asks: If, as nearly two-decade old conventional wisdom would have us believe, the vast majority of art comics that move through the Direct Market are sold through a small percentage of diverse, elite stores (such as […]

Worthy Project #1: Comics Influx

Comix Influx treads the line between Wiki and scanslation without being either. Basically, it’s a cooperative website that offers English translations of foreign comics — but the translations are presented as plain text so it doesn’t have the pirate overtones of scanslations. Or as the FAQ puts it: Comix Influx is a website dedicated to […]

Santiago on Clemente

Wilfred Santiago is putting out a graphic novel about baseball great Roberto Clemente called 21 and he’s posted a preview on Flickr. Baseball and comics just go together like bratwurst and mustard, don’t they? Link via FLOG.

Oh, Dave Sim, now you will learn — UPDATE

For Feb 6th Dave will be at the Newsrama [sic] forums. Future Dave appearances may be at these spots, according to the above posting by Cerebus Fangirl: Comics Bulletin Comic Book Resources The Comic Forums IMWAN Bendis’ Board MillarWorld Forums UPDATE: Here’s the Newsarama thread. Technorati Tags: Fandom, Promotions

@#*! Brat Pack t-shirt

Rick Veitch has printed up a new batch of t-shirts based on his classic superhero noir, BRAT PACK. To promote the shirts, he’s created a whole gallery showing how classic images might have been improved by the aaddition of a Brat Pack t-shirt. See more images and find out how to buy your own shirt […]