DC Month-to-Month Sales December 2007

by Marc-Oliver Frisch DC Comics’ successful “Sinestro Corps War” and “Resurrection of Ra’s al Ghul” crossovers both concluded in December, and with Green Lantern #25 and Justice League of America #15, two bestselling stragglers from November helped to touch up the performance. The big new launch in December was the weekly Countdown: Arena miniseries, whose […]

Cold Cut’s mystery future

For months, the LJ of Cold Cut Distribution employee Matt High has been spotlighting his spectacular vacation photos. Of late it started talking about packing up and moving. A post yesterday spelled it out Still no official news on Cold Cut to announce, since the paperwork is not signed yet. But the unofficial news is […]

Denmark to archive Muhammad cartoons

The 12 cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad which led to violent protesting throughout the Muslim world and continues to cause deaths, turmoil and misunderstanding around the world, will be archived by Denmark’s National Library: Despite objections from some Muslim leaders, the library in the Danish capital will preserve the 12 cartoons for research purposes but […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits

§ Y assault continues unabated: CBR visits Pia Guerra’s studio. Zack Smith interviews Guerra. BKV in WSJ.. LA City Beat has a story on the Y The Last Party benefit for the CBLDF. Whew. § In other major media comics news, the AP story on the New Cap hits everywhere. § Neil Kleid points out […]

Tomine on Fresh Air

Is there no end to the cartoonists invading the airwaves this week? Now Adrian Tomine will be appearing on NPR’s Fresh Air today. D&Q’s Peggy Burns also reminds us that Tomine is going on a mini tour at the end of this month: 2/26 — D+Q Librairie, Montreal 2/28 — Brattle Theater, Harvard Bookstore 2/29 […]

The one with a lot of comments

Found via the V, the website Superheroines Demise which is totally, completely and utterly NOT SAFE FOR WORK. We had downloaded a few photos with the intent to post with really bad parts blanked out, but they are all so yucky that we decided not to. Let’s just say that people who were incensed by […]

Dave Sim posts on the internet

It is happening: Okay this is going to take some getting used to. Please bear with me. I’m going to be repeating a lot of stuff since the idea is to get the word out about glamourpuss. Particularly at this point, what I’m hoping to do is to persuade people to go into their local […]

BilBOlbul International Comics festival

We received a lengthy press release from Italy regarding the second annual BilBOlBul comics festival to be held 5-9 March in Bologna. This year’s fest includes spotlights on Gianni De Luca and Cristolphe Blain, sections devoted to Anders Nilsen, Kevin Huizenga and Paul Hornschemeier from America and Hok Tak Yeung and Chihoi Lee from China, […]

Another Wood rights reversion

Brian Wood sent out a PR yesterday announcing that rights to another one of his books originally published by AIT/PlanetLar have reverted to him, namely Public Domain, a design sketch book of sorts for Channel Zero. This follows the move of Demo from AIT to Vertigo, which will publish a new edition of the book […]

Del Toro on Hobbitses movies?

A few people have written to ask us about the Guillermo Del Toro directing the Hobbit thing. We’ll let First Showing explain: Before we get any further, numerous sources confirm that New Line Cinema won’t be officially announcing a director until the writers strike is settled. So until then, all of this must still be […]