Adam Prosser reviews an advance copy of GLAMOURPUSS, Dave Sim’s new comic. In many ways, it’s not really a comic book; Sim even acknowledges as much. His only real goal here, he says, was to refine his art by producing ultra-detailed ink drawings of (for the most part) pretty girls in fashionable clothing, in a […]

Marvel Month-to-Month Sales — December 2007

By Paul O’Brien The big new launch for December was ULTIMATES 3, returning after a seven month hiatus with the new creative team of Jeph Loeb and Joe Madureira. And thanks to the magic of delays, December, also saw AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #545, the concluding part of “One More Day.” Otherwise, it’s a relatively quiet month. […]

Y, the last issue

Update: For a change, here’s Brian K. Vaughan on CNN. In big comics media events this week, Bucky-is-Cap is definitely getting a run for its money from the appearance today of issue #60 of Y the Last Man by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra. (And don’t forget inker Jose Marzan!) Just about every media […]

To Do 2/1, NYC: Chris Ware

Via the D&W blog: Chris Ware is having an art show this Friday : This Friday, February 1st on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, the Adam Baumgold Gallery will be hosting a reception from 6-8 PM for Chris Ware’s new exhibition “Drawings For New York Periodicals.” Check our event page for more information and the Adam […]

News Briefs

We’re battling some kind of virus that we got from eating some ill-advised food. It’s a real tussle that goes back and forth, and going to sleep before 4 am would probably help, as would getting up before noon. We’re working on it. So just a big newsy round-up today. First, some people on the […]

Lebonfon Speaks

Patrick Jodoin of Lebonfon, a Canadian printer that has been picking up some work from the Quebecor mess, sent out a brief statement yesterday: We have been receiving many questions with regards to recent problems at Quebecor World. We wish to inform you that Imprimerie Lebonfon Inc. or Lebonfon Printing is a privately owned company […]