Quebecor’s woes continue

We don’t have what we’d call a commanding grasp on the Quebecor story, but after talking to a few people yesterday the pieces are beginning to come together. The short version is that Quebecor, the Canadian printers who manufacture most of the comics from (at least) DC, Image and Marvel is in a financial crisis […]

Notable quotables

§ Paul Dini explains the “animation feature template”: Your primary objective as a modern animation feature storyteller is to get the audience members emotionally charged (i.e., distracted from logic gaps and not thinking too much) so they will be ready for your big finale. This usually consists of the hero defeating the villain (almost always […]

Trailer Park of Terror at Slamdance

It’s film festival time as Sundance and Slamdance kick off very very soon. Sundance has little comics crossover, but Slamdance is debuting TRAILER PARK OF TERROR, based on the comics from tiny Imperium Comics. “If you’ve been lamenting the almost total absence of smoking hot, faceless trailer-trash chicks in modern cinema, then this is the […]

Y the last ticket

According to Brian Vaughan, the Y The Last Man wrap party tickets sold out speedily: Well, never doubt the CBLDF, apparently. All 70 $100 VIP tickets sold out in about an hour this morning! Holy crap. Still, there will be some $25 “standing room only” tix available the day of the event, so bust out […]

Are we really going to miss JUSTICE LEAGUE?

With the Justice League movie on hold due to the writer’s strike, can anyone HONESTLY TRUTHFULLY SAY they were DYING to see a movie with Armie Hammer playing Batman? A man for whom this is the ONLY extant picture on the internet? Vulture had it best with their post ‘Justice League’ Movie on Indefinite Hold; […]

Today’s list

5. The Spitting Man from MOME #10. The story has been done before but it is done so well here. 4. Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares — there is something about seeing this guy berate pretentious pub owners, lackluster chefs and incompetent 17-year-old soup cooks that is sooooo satisfying. And when there’s redemption, the payoff is worth […]