Wolfman: After 40 years, a Homeland

Marv Wolfman writes to tell us that HOMELAND, his graphical history of Israel, illustrated by Mario Ruiz and William J Rubin has been winning a slew of honors of late, including National Jewish Book Award, the latest in a string of honors for the book: Homeland has previously won the Moonbeam Children’s Book Award for […]

IDW launches kids book division

IDW is establishing a children’s book arm, Jonas Publishing, and imprint, Worthwhile Books. These will be regular books — not graphic novels, form the looks of things. In a precedent-setting move, IDW Publishing, a division of IDT Internet Mobile Group and an established leader in the comic book and graphic novel arena, is launching a […]


ICv2 talks to Dave Sim about his new comic, GLAMOURPUSS, which is also reported on here: Who is the target audience for Glamourpuss? Me. Writing and drawing comic books is so time-consuming (it takes an average of a full day to produce roughly five seconds worth of entertainment) the only sensible thing is to do […]

Two More Links

§ USA Today reports on you know what. § Comics Should Be Good! has some fun with the brouhaha with a satirical report of a Dan Slott signing: Before long, the beleaguered writers entered the shop. Amidst a hail of catcalls and hisses (and at least a few accusations of being “honky bastards”), the writers […]

New Bytes: Newtype, FBI.com

• ANN reports that Newtype USA, the glossy, oversized manga-culture magazine is to cease publication — but ADV will replace it. Representatives of A.D. Vision (ADV) have contacted retail partners to inform them that the February issue of Newtype USA will be the last. At this time, it is unclear if this refers to the […]

Buy Steve Geppi’s house!

A Baltimore real estate section scrutinizes the housing sales of the Diamond Comics CEO: The CEO of Diamond Comic Distributors and minority Orioles owner is a collector, with enough comic books, animation cels and other pop culture treasures to fill Geppi’s Entertainment Museum in Camden Station. Apparently he’s also collected two too many houses, because […]

Updated GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE swings in

USA Today previews a new version of George of the Jungle which debuts Friday on the Cartoon Network. The new cartoon makes George a teenager instead of an adult, as he was in the original created by Jay Ward. His old friends — Ape the Ape; his pet dog, Shep; and gal pal Ursula — […]