Michael Jackson — manga fan?

If you look closely the book he’s carrying is some kind of book about Dragons. Luckily, Wacko Jacko has not yet discovered yaoi.

Three quick links

§ Scott Dunbier has been blogging some stories of comic book culture and history over at his blog. This one has a twist. A sad twist. § Douglas Wolk’s top GNs of 2007 at Salon: It has been a banner year for graphic novels, and although Salon reviewed some of the highlights (the conclusion of […]

DARK KNIGHT trailer — for reals

The actual trailer for THE DARK KNIGHT is finally up so you can watch it over and over and prepare for the time when this is known as “the Batman movie with Heath Ledger in it.”

More Tintin

Pantoja, that is. Here’s a sneak peek at her adaptation of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE coming eventually from Tokyopop.

Grim news at the box office

There was little surprise that Will Smith’s I AM LEGEND was the #1 movie at the box office this weekend — apparently the sight of the world’s most popular movie star and his lovable Alsatian wandering through a destroyed New York City is just what the public wants, to the tune of a record smashing […]

Tis the season

News is slowing down and we’ll be coasting along for the next couple of weeks. So don’t expect any fireworks, okay?