Adventure on!

Over on his blog, Jeff Smith recently announced some impressive sales figures for Scholastic’s BONE reprints: I received some astonishing sales figures from Scholastic – – the paperback edition of BONE 6: Old Man’s Cave, which just shipped last month, is in its third printing for a total of 260,000 copies! The combined hard cover […]

The Righteous Anger of Chris Butcher

Mild-mannered Chris Butcher chimes in on Eric Reynolds’ adventures in retailing: Well of course! I mean, just visit the comic book store in question’s website! Totally looks like a thriving, well-run establishment to me. That’s totally the ASSUMPTION that I would make, if it came down to Eric Reynolds (20+ years in the comics industry […]

Paul Levitz speaks

ICv2 has a four part interview with Paul Levitz. Click here and go on to the next three parts, which cover Flex, Zuda, Minx, and WORLD OF WARCRAFT. It just feels like it’s a wonderful time in comics right now. The range of creative material seems to be expanding everywhere you look. The reactions to […]

Blogs: Marchetto, fakester, etc.

§ Always stylish Marisa Acocella Marchetto (Cancer Vixen) has started a blog and relaunched her website with info on cartoons, fashion and kicking cancer’s butt. § Fake Dan Didio — short joke! § Bonus link! The very best of Steve Bunche.


super friends let it all hang out. DO not click on this link unless you are ready for a very, very disturbing image with superheroic undertones, but no underwear at all. Edit: The page is gone. If you saved the picture, let Heidi know. — MLC

Japan notes

§ The New York Times investigates the Manhattan branch of Book Off, the used book store chain from Japan that aims to eradicate “the shame of buying used books.” Behind the counter of the 41st Street branch, which opened in 2000, an oven-size machine buzzes loudly as employees shave tiny imperfections from the pages of […]

Mignola and Golden on BALTIMORE

BALTIMORE: or The Steadfast Tin Soldier and the Vampire is a new illustrated novel by Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden. Above is a video interview with the duo, below a bit of PR: With the publication of BALTIMORE, or The Steadfast Tin Soldier and the Vampire, an illustrated novel that is a dazzling visual and […]

Back in Black

We apologize for the spotty blogging over the last few weeks, but we had to make hay while the sun shone. The time off has allowed us to recharge and hopefully clear out some of the mental debris. To that end, we’re going to try (we said TRY) to keep link blogging light for a […]