Copyright problems sink int’l LEAGUE distro

On Monday, Rich Johnston’s LITG column reported on difficulties with the long awaited LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN: THE BLACK DOSSIER, due to potential copyright problems. DC sources inform me that the reasons for concern are over issues concerning copyright and trademark of certain literary characters referred to in the book, some that are public domain […]


Marvel PR is telling us that Amazing Spider-Man #545 is the “end of an era.” Does this mean that Mary Jane will stop using liquid detergent on Spidey’s drawers and switch to powder…or something far more sinister?

Battle for SD07 Photos

Just a few more…we’ve made it all the way to Saturday and we’re still alive! Here are two of the many Blade Runner characters running around the show. Apparently they were hired by WB home video to promote the new DVD set which we are getting the second it comes out.

Marvel publishing up 31%, profits down

Marvel released it’s Q2 financials today and publishing seems to be holding its own: Marvel’s Publishing Segment net sales increased $7.8 million or 31% to $32.9 million in Q2 2007 principally due to continued strength in Civil War and the Dark Tower publications in the Direct and Mass Market channels. Operating income in the publishing […]

LInkage: Tom Hart and Margo Dabaie

The Daily Cross Hatch begins a great series: SVA teacher Tom Hart spotlights some of the most promising new talents to emerge from the school. First up: Margo Dabaie: The Hookah Girl is Margo’s exploration into growing up Palestinian and Christian in California in the 80s and 90s. She finds absurdity, humor, and pathos in […]

“Thai cops punished by Hello Kitty”

Let’s face, when you hear the word “Thailand” you think of a swinging anything goes kind of place, where the rules that other people have are pretty much left by the wayside. So what would offend in such a place? What could bring shame? Well, it turns out that the one thing people fear is […]

Ellis: ENGINE closing

Well there goes our #1 linkage farm! Warren Ellis has announced via Bad Signal that the Engine, his message board for professionals and aspiring professionals, will be closing on August 31. He hints a new message board venture of some kind. THE ENGINE will close a little before midnight UK time on August 31 2007. […]

Variety: Dark Horse, Oni, Devils Due wannabes

IN an unfortunately named articlem Variety runs down all the comics in studio play at all the comics companies with special attention to Oni and Dark Horse. The love affair between movies and comicbooks is about to take on a new dimension. One hint about what it will look like: Portland, Ore., is poised to […]