If you liked LEGO Star Wars…

You’ll probably like LEGO Indiana Jones. See the trailer here. Posted by Mark Coale

Who’s on first? Spider-Man??

Minor league baseball teams are always doing wacky stunts or having fun giveaways to try and get people into the ballpark. The Memphis Redbirds are targeting the nerd audience with an upcoming giveaway. The first 1500 fans through the turnstiles at the August 10 game between Memphis and the Omaha Royals will receive a Marvel […]

Congrats Josh and Sari

Life goes on: My daughter. Born Monday, July 30, 2007, c. 7:00 p.m, Long Island College Hospital, Brooklyn, New York, USA. 8 lbs., 3 oz. 38-hour labor. 2 hours pushing. Sweetest little thing. Sari my hero. Name: ??? (We’ll figure it out tomorrow.)

SD07: Video Blog #7 (or so) Steve Lieber

Yes we know the embed stills are particularly unflattering but what you gonna do? Okay now embed fixed…click on pic or here.

New Hulk not cute and cuddly like old Hulk

Oh, so THAT’S what happened

We’re about halfway through our first slam of SD07 reactions, and they are ALL OVER THE BOARD. Many of the things we’ve written here are being flatly contradicted here by people whose opinions you trust. Some people say sales were great; some say Saturday was a bust. Some say the Eisners the most fun ever; […]

Gaiman/Ross Yaoi kissing vid

Day -2

We’re now safely ensconced at a locale with wifi, coffee and rabbits. Random catch-up blogging throughout the day.

RIP Bergman and Antonioni