Chip Zdarsky launches advice site

Writing in his real life guise as Steve Murray, Steve/Chip has a new advice feature at the National Post and it is rife with sensibleness: STEP TWO: Armed with this knowledge, you now need to stew. Close your curtains and sit in the dark for a weekend. Now think about what I just said until […]

Dash Shaw does Marvel

Apparently Marvel has a “Coober Skeeber” type anthology of indie type artists handling their characters underway, and Dash Shaw is the first to show off part of his effort on the Meathaus Blog. . Maybe they will finally publish that Peter Bagge Hulk story in here?

Sin City video game on the way

Red Mile Entertainment, Inc. (OTCBB: RDML), a worldwide developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software, today announced it has entered into a multi-year, worldwide license agreement to develop and to publish video games based on the Sin City series of graphic novels by writer/artist and film director Frank Miller. Financial terms of the deal were […]

More on the matter of the day

No time to write anything ourselves but the interesting links keep coming. Lea Hernandez has launched a MANSTREAM site, with such things as the MANSTREAM AWARDS: Award: STRATEGIC PHALLUS AWARD (HALL OF FAME)Winner: Cannon God ExxaxionPublisher: Dark HorseArtist: Keiichi Sonada Sometimes a space bike is just a space bike- even when it’s poking a girl […]

Canadian ladies love the yaoi

A Toronto Gay lifetysle website runs an interesting preview of the Anime North convention by looking at yaoi fans through a gay perspective: But Kat Williams, a Toronto-based anime artist and author who organized queer panels at the convention for several years beginning in 2000, says she’s dismayed by the lack of queer content created […]

More on “Online Graphic Novel”

The creator of that Jonas Moore thing has more to say about GNs that go direct to the sponsor. This story wouldn’t be so noteworthy if this kind of “advertorial” weren’t becoming more and more common. To finance “The Many Worlds of Jonas Moore,” Webster decided to eschew the traditional routes of approaching advertisers through […]

Yaoi magazine launches

Okay, will someone PLEASE publish COMIC FOUNDRY? Iris Print, publisher of the Lambda Literary Award finalist novel “A Strong and Sudden Thaw”, announced today its plans to publish the first North American boys’ love magazine, BL Twist. The bimonthly print magazine will feature articles, reviews, and news related to the boys’ love genre (stories of […]

Women of Comics spotlights Kiss Machine

Women of Comics II (WOC II) is a two-day event, taking place on Saturday, June 9th and Sunday June 10th as part of the 2007 Paradise Toronto Comicon. Sponsored by All New Comics Inc., WOC II is designed to showcase female talent and creativity in what has traditionally been a male-dominated industry, the symposium will […]