Radical new comic book publisher

Wow! Radical! And Blatant! And it’s another one of those Hollywood Studio development deals. Some very familiar names and faces involved however. Fresh out of a first look deal with Dark Horse Comics, producer and renowned rock photographer Barry Levine has joined forces with Intandem Films who are raising a $100m film fund and representing […]

Is there anything better than Eddie Campbell?

The Artist responds to my Stan Sakai posting yesterday and obliquely comments on much that we have been discussing. It reminds me of my con-sketch anecdote. A guy asks for a sketch and I say ‘Only if you’re buying a book.’ he says, ‘Okay, what’s the cheapest book you have?’.“I’m selling the Bacchus Color Special […]

Missed it: Adam Hughes speaks on the Mary Jane Statue!

Over on Newsarama, a man goes on the record, and it’s Adam Hughes talking about his designs for the Mary Jane statue. First, the secret origin: My idea was pretty simple, I thought – classic Mary Jane, from the days when Peter and MJ were boyfriend and girlfriend, and she’s found his Spider-Man costume in […]

Cannes Watch: Marjane Satrapi at Cannes

Amid international controversy, Marjane Satrapi talks animated PERSEPOLIS at Cannes where it debuted to good reviews the other day. “I never saw it as a cartoon,” the artist said in an interview. The artwork had to be in black and white, and the characters are never cute. There are none of the usual special effects […]

Japanese Government to recognize foreign manga!

Fox News and other outlets report that the Japanese government is planing to give away a sort of Novel Prize to foriegn (non-Japanese) comics arrtists: The Japanese government announced Tuesday it will award its first “Nobel Prize of Manga” in July to comic-book artists living abroad. It’s a watershed moment for the island nation, which […]

More Sana Takeda Art

Japanese artist Sana Takeda has gotten perhaps her biggest mainsteam exposure via her cover for HEROES FRO HIRE #13, but she has a website and its really worth a look. Obviously, some of her work has an erotic edge to it, but it’s equally obvious that she is versatile and talented. The cover to DRAIN […]

More on the matter of the day

Okay we just can’t leave this alone! It’s like a missing tooth! People have variously suggested that this, this, this and this are all equal to the HEROES FOR HIRE cover. Discuss. MSNBC story on Mary Jane, starring Danny Fingeroth. Over at Comics in Context historian Peter Sanderson discusses his own taping for MSNBC: At […]

Very brief Herge b-day fest wrap-up

News reports on yesterdays Hergé centennial: “The eternal Herge,” newspaper Libre Belgique declared on its cover on Tuesday above a picture of Herge drawing his famous creation. “Thank you 100 times.” Fans flocked to post offices across the country to get their hands on the limited edition stamps, featuring covers of every Tintin book and […]

Ted Rall, enemy of the state

Last week it was revealed that Left-Wing cartoonist Ted Rall had been on a police surveillance list prior to the 2004 Republican convention in New York City. Ralls talks more about it here. Government agencies began spying on me shortly after 9/11. I have repeatedly suffered service interruptions–loud static, whispered voices, even outages–at the hands […]

More altered eBay art

Yesterday we linked to the sad story of someone who got a free sketch from Stan Sakai and then turned around and scribbled out the inscription with a big black marker and then tried to sell it on eBay. After the controversy, the listing was removed, but some of our correspondents shows us that this […]