Weekend browsing: Jesse Marsh

Check out this online gallery of the work of Jesse Marsh. Marsh started out an an animator, but went over to Dell/Western and drew lots of Gene Autry, Tarzan and John Carter in a style that was clear, clean and easy to follow, and yet imaginative and just a little bit crazy, too. (Click for […]

More Naked Harry Potter!

You’ll recall that Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has been trying to break loose from his role as the young magician by appearing in EQUUS on stage in London. The play is harrowing in its subject matter and requires the young star to run around naked for a considerable amount of time. Well, the reviews […]

Updates: WonderCon, Virgin

Blog@ has coverage of Day 1 of WonderCon. So does the Mercury News. In the above photo, Ian Brill, Matt Brady and Graeme McMillan, snapped by JK Parkin. Big weekend comics story: WaPo has a looooong story on Deepak Chopra and Virgin Comics Chopra is outside a Coffee Bean in Santa Monica, Calif., where he’s […]