JLA movie in the works

Variety reports screenwriters Kiernan and Michele Mulroney (MR. AND MRS> SMITH) have been hired to write a JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA script. But the team of WB superstars brings new problems! In taking on the ambitious project, Warner faces several conundrums. Warner Senior VP Dan Lin will oversee for the studio. Now that the Batman […]

Sci Fi teams with Virgin

More pacting and branding announced this weekend. SCI FI Channel, the television network dedicated to fueling the imagination, is teaming up with Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Comics to create a forward-thinking, co-branded multimedia partnership called SCI FI/Virgin Comics. The announcement was made today by Dave Howe, SCI FI Executive Vice President and General Manager and […]

RIP: Harlan Stone

Via Archie pr: Harlan Stone, a longtime radio actor best-known as “Jughead” on the Archie Andrews show, died Wednesday from complications of valve transplant surgery. He started out as a child model and went on to direct TV commercials. Hal wrote a book called “Aw…Relax, Archie! Re-laxx!” which chronicalled his life in entertainment. He was […]

We’re back!

Alive and more or less in one piece. We had a Black Plague relapse which prevented us from doing much at the con yesterday. We’ll have fuller comments later on, but the major log line is no big disasters, a few smaller ones, and everyone pretty much happy. Attendance guestimates we heard were somewhere in […]