Goyer and Whedon: a dream deferred

Via unsinkable Kevin Melrose at Blog@ we have learned that two long-cherished comics-to-film adaptations have been scuttled. First, David Goyer reveals at his MySpace blog that his Flash film is as dead as Barry Allen: Well, I’ve been waiting a few months to relate this news — but I am sad to say that my […]

Boston may have tough case against ATHF viral marketers

According to legal experts proving that accused “hoaxers” Peter Berdovsky and Sean Stevens intended a hoax may be difficult: David White-Lief, the state bar’s president-elect and a Boston lawyer, said the lighted boxes probably do not meet the state statute’s definition of a hoax device, which must resemble an “infernal machine.” He interprets that description […]

Pants man — now subtitled!

Hazu mazu! A long time ago we linked to the UNtransleted version of this classic Japanese tiger toon potty training video. Now, thanks to Andrew Sullivan we link to one where you can enjoy allllllll the dialog. HAZU MAZU!