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You Minx, you.

Before I get too far into this, I’ll give you the loglines: #1 DC’s new girl-focused MINX imprint could just possibly be the most important launch ever by Marvel or DC. #2 I’d read books by any of the announced creators, and no matter what happens, readers are the winners, in the end. But there’s […]

Hanuka Bros. Blog

Dear god, how have we missed this all this time??? Twin illustrator/cartoonists Tomer and Asaf Hanuka have a blog. With process shots. Click for larger versions.

Geeks can’t get enough of genitalia picture book for doctors

Oh, how we love Mainichi Daily News. It seems a medical text book called “Vaginas and Pain” has become a hot ticket for Akihabara otaku interested in “learning more about female anatomy”: Akihabara has gone from iPods to pudenda, according to Shukan Post (12/8). Where the Tokyo district was once best known for its plethora […]

HENRY cartoonist’s secret trove fetches record amount

The incredible case of the Rockwell that wasn’t has come to a close. You’ll recall that the nutty tale began when HENRY cartoonist Don Trachte was afraid his wife would get his beloved Normal Rockwell painting in a divorce settlement, painted a replica, stored the original in a hidden vault in his house, and took […]

Obits: Shirley Walker, Chris Hayward

Various sources report that composer Shirley Walker has died at age 61. Walker was best known as Danny Elfman’s orchestrator for many scores, and also worked on many animated WB series: The composer was something of a trailblazer for women film composers, scoring an array of projects from the early 1980s including Memoirs of an […]

Reason to go on

Jackson Publick hints… and gives details on the Venture Bros. Season Two DVD: Big Plans being discussed in dark places. Idle machinery being oiled and slowly creaking back to life, etc. etc. What I can tell you is that the Venture Bros. Season Two DVD is presently scheduled to be released April 17, 2007. Doc […]