Learn how to write with Lynda Barry

Lynda Barry will lead a two-day writing seminar in January. Tickets were available via eBay, but it looks like they are sold out. Barry is the author of the graphic novel ONE HUNDRED DEMONS and novel THE GOOD TIMES ARE KILLING ME, and of course ERNIE POOK’S COMEEK. For those of us who won’t be […]

Links about stuff

BOOKSLUT weighs in with a bunch of comic-themed content; A review of Tom DeHaven’s novel It’s Superman!: Serving as a corollary to the Man of Steel’s popular iconography, It’s Superman by Tom De Haven could just as well be subtitled The Lost Years. Detailing the life of a young Clark Kent just after high school […]

Cartoons claim diplomatic relationship

Kuwait severs ties with Denmark over Cartoon Controversy: Kuwait’s parliament voted Tuesday to sever diplomatic ties with Denmark over the controversial cartoons depicting Prophet Muhammad and to spend about $50 million to defend the prophet’s image in the West. Both votes were nonbinding, meaning the Cabinet does not have to abide by them. Foreign Minister […]

TRANSMET reconfigured

DC has announced a new line up of TRANSMETROPOLITAN trade paperbacks which will reduce the series t0 nine scathing volumes. Four key titles in Vertigo’s TRANSMETROPOLITAN collected edition series will be reconfigured in spring 2007, putting more classic, cutting-edge stories by Warren Ellis and Darick Robertson in each of two newly created volumes. TRANSMETROPOLITAN VOL. […]