SPX: the transitioning

Okay. I read a lot of blog posting about SPX today and several of them mentioned the lack of signage for programming. I’d like to say, this sort of thing can be helpful: Granted, perhaps indie cartooners wouldn’t be so likely to read actual hotel signs, but it was there. And yes, there could have […]

Webcomics round-up

At TalkAboutComics more of the cartoonists for the revamped Serializer are mentioned. The line-up is as strong as it gets. With one week until the serializer.net relaunch, I’m happy to announce five more serializer comics by seven amazing creators. Count them: 1) Spike with “Templar, Arizonaâ€? and “Blikadaâ€? (Blikada illustrated by Ainsley Seago)2) Ryan North […]

Cartoonists go to UN

At this weekend’s SPX we had some fun calling the main panel room “The UN,” and indeed the attendees had a grand time making paper placards for various countries, adding to the fun. Well now, lo and behold, the fantasy became reality yesterday, as an international group of political cartoonists went to the UN for […]

Miller starts new comics company beginning with “A”

Recently Mike S. Miller announced that Alias Comics was turning into a packaging company for religious comics, and Alias’s non-religion themed comics would be finding a new home. That home is Abacus Comics which is solely owned by Miller. The new concern will publish only the titles written by Miller, like THE IMAGINARIES, LULLABY, etc. […]

Brief linkage

§ George Khoury presents a long interview with Roger Stern. § Long ago retailer Brian Hibbs said that if ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN made it to issue 100 he would eat a bug. Proven wrong, he makes good on his word. § The Weinsteins pact with Vince McMahon. Only one can emerge victorious.

What it takes

Lloyd Grove explains the life of the gossip columnist: But I have also learned, after nearly eight years of writing a daily column in both D.C. and N.Y.C., that gossip can be good for society — don’t laugh — and can even, perish the thought, be legitimate journalism. All it takes, beyond being insanely competitive, […]