SPX Day 2 report

We don’t have time for a full report here, but after a slow start yesterday, things picked up quite a bit, and the day ended in a flurry of sales. Buzz books: PictureBox’s immense NINJA, the Brian Chippendale collection; Kazimir Strzepek’s THE MORNING STAR from Bodega, but probably more that we didn’t hear about since […]

2006 Ignatz Award Winners

It was a little hard reporting, as we were also MCing, but thanks to Douglas Wolk, here are the winners. Congrats to all! Outstanding Artist Tony Millionaire, Billy Hazelnuts (Fantagraphics Books) Outstanding Anthology or Collection Black Hole by Charles Burns (Pantheon) Outstanding Graphic Novel Tricked by Alex Robinson (Top Shelf Productions) Outstanding Story Ganges #1 […]