FEAR AGENT moves from Image to Dark Horse

Rick Remender, Tony Moore and Jerome Opena move their book FEAR AGENT from Image to Dark Horse, a move a couple of books have made recently, but one that Image’s creator oriented publishing deal allows. Remender talks about the move at CBR: :”The move is a business decision based on things that we’re going to […]

Colan on Dracula changes

A couple of days ago we covered — or uncovered — the censorship in Marvel’s TOMB OF DRACULA reprints where several previously topless young victims got new wispy smoke bras. Around Comics – The Comic Book Podcast contacted the artist, Gene Colan, for his take, and he responded: I’m not personally upset or affected by […]

ICAF schedule up

The schedule for International Comic Arts Festival, held Octover 12-14 at the LIbrary of Congress is up. Events include talks with Jules Feiffer, and a look at the Rwandan genocide through comics. And also superheroes and politics.

Don’t eat the brown Tic Tacs

Steve Bunche alerts us to one of the most alarming Barbies ever: Poopin’ Pup Barbie. This Barbie comes with a lovable Lab named Tanner who just can’t stop pooping! In fact, since Barbie is feeding him shit, it’s no wonder it goes right through him. You can see a video of Barbie and her pooper […]

Marvel Month-to-Month Sales: August 2006

By Paul O’Brien Even with the parent title running late, CIVIL WAR dominated Marvel’s output again in August, with a raft of crossover titles including the newly launched HEROES FOR HIRE. The Ultimate titles ship their second annuals, and the core ANNIHILATION miniseries gets underway. Other than that, it’s a fairly quiet month, as Marvel […]

Changes in the market

Last Friday Brian Hibbs had one of his usual thought provoking columns at Newsarama, and this one looked at a very interesting trend: comics shops opening up accounts with Baker & Taylor to buy graphic novels. B&T is NOT a comics distributor, but rather a traditional book distributor, meaning the books are returnable. B&T even […]

Heroes comics – UPDATED with ratings

The first HEROES webcomics are up, this first by Aron Collette, Michael Turner and Koi Turnbull, telling a tale of Suresh’s childhood. UPDATE: HEROES’ debut issue was a ratings winner for NBC quoth Variety: NBC drama “Heroes” opened to strong numbers on Monday, dominating its broadcast rivals and looking like the first breakout performer of […]

Coffee opera boffo in Portland

An excited Shannon Wheeler writes to tell us that the world premiere of the Too Much Coffee Man opera was a big success — the run has sold out and been extended. Two city commissioners were at the opening. “We have buzz,” Shannon writes–a common occurrence when working with coffee, it seems. He also sent […]

Quotable Brad Meltzer

In a very long interview with Scott King the best selling author talks about doing creator owned material: Scott: …I know you write comics but do you have any desire to do a creator owned comic book? Brad: You know, if time was not an issue I would. But when I do the comics I […]