David Mack benefit auction

We’re a late in getting this up, but con organizer Shelton Drum is both biking and setting up a charity art auction to benefit the National MS Society, David Mack wrote to tell us about his own art auction, which is ending, however, he says there will be more auctions to come. Shelton’s message in […]

To Do 9/16, BKNY: Brooklyn Book Festival

MEANWHILE on the East Coast, people are also celebrating literacy at the Brooklyn Book Festival — and comics will not be kicked off the litaracy train, oh no! 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. Superborough: Brooklyn’s Indelible Stamp on Comic Book History. A panel of five creators, publishers and critics discuss the borough’s crucial role in the […]

To Do 9/17, WeHo: W. Hollywood Book Fair

We were a panelist at this fest last year, and it’s a fun dday in the park surrounded by books andthe people who make and read them. This year’s comics programming line-up is stellar: COMICS GO HOLLYWOOD (11:00-Noon) Robert Burnett (Superman Returns, Living in Infamy) Mike Mignola (HELLBOY, The Amazing Screw-On Head) Tone Rodriguez (The […]


While the lesson to be learned in the marriage of Hollywood and Toontown is that directors make comics writers, the obverse is also beginning to be true, as comical types like Sam Kieth, Frank Miller and Dave McKean move into directing. One of the best qualified comics-to-film transfers is Tomm Coker, who has made award […]

Look, here’s the deal

We had to run out of the house this morning for a meeting before we had a chance to post all of our entries for the day — the advent of fall marks the arrival of “good-sleeping-in-way-too-late” weather — but we have several urgent urgent posting to get up. And yet, working on the WP […]

To Do Tonight: LA Johnny Ryan

CRASHES and BURNS The Art of JOHNNY RYAN At Secret Headquarters Friday September 15th, 2006 Secret Headquarters is pleased to announce our art opening with JOHNNY RYAN. Johnny first developed his hilarious drawings in the self-published title Angry Youth Comix. Now published by Fantagraphics Books, Ryans AYC has become the international bastion of lowbrow humor […]

Tonite To Do Rocketship

Panter talks Masters

Speaking of the Masters show, the New York Sun has a guided preview with Gary Panter: Mr. Panter’s presence in such an exhibit is a sign of the times.It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment when underground comics acquired mainstream legitimacy. Perhaps it was in 1992, when Art Spiegelman, who championed Mr. Panter’s work as […]

Tom is down and he had a scoop — UPDATE

Fellow blogger THE COMICS REPORTER is down today, as Tom Spurgeon has been posting on several message boards. He also reports that …Art Spiegelman withdrew his work from the half of the Masters of American Comics Exhibit running at the Jewish Museum. This was confirmed to CR by one of the other artists involved and […]

Japanese toon biz update

Earlier in the week we told you about Itochu and Comic Book Movies possibly teaming to make a CYBORG 009 movie. But that is not all that’s been going on in Anime-land this week, oh no. A new version of Neon Genesis Evangelion is also in the works, after WETA’s Richard Taylor wanted to make […]

Doug Wright Winners

The winners from last nights Canadian comics awards: BEST EMERGING TALENT: Dark Adaptation by Lorenz Peter (Pedlar Press) HONOURABLE MENTION Skim, by Mariko Tamaki and Jillian Tamaki BEST BOOK: Paul Moves Out by Michel Rabagliati (Drawn & Quarterly) The awards were handed out in front of a packed house at Toronto’s Gladstone Hotel, and featured […]

Sony Pictures enter CGI glut

Speaking of CGI, earlier this week, the LA Times thoroughly examined Sony Pictures’ new animation unit, and their debut production OPEN SEASON, based on the cartoons of IN THE BLEACHER’S Steve Moore. It’s just one of an ever increasing number of CGI films, some of which have failed to find an audience: But the genre’s […]

Who Buried Roger Rabbit?

WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT? is a film still fondly remembered by some. Melding animation and live action back when it was hard, the Robert Zemeckis-directed movie also had fine performances by a cult-friendly cast including Joanna Cassidy, Bob Hoskins and Christopher Lloyd, memorable vocal performances by Charles Fleischer and Kathleen Turner, and villains who were […]

‘Untitled Mike Judge Comedy’

This is a bit far afield for us, but here on Cartoon Friday, we’re giving Mike Judge a pass because he’s definitely part of the Cartoon Mafia. Judge is the autuer behind Beavis and Butthead, King of the Hill and Office Space, which means he’s a solid three-for-three. However there is a new Mike Judge […]

Cartoon Friday @ The Beat!

As we continue to swim around in our flotsam-filled observation tank, we’ve collected a bunch of links that have nothing to do with comics. Yes, yes, we hear you saying. “The Beat never posts things that have nothing to do with comics!” We know, we know, but just this once we decided to collect everything […]