Vaughan in NYT

Brian K Vaughan and PRIDE OF BAGHDAD got a nice write-up in the Sunday Times: DO comic book fans realize how much Brian K. Vaughan suffers for their enjoyment? “I start with something that makes me angry or confused, and then I write about it,â€? he said of his approach. “It’s a form of self-help.â€?The […]

Mark Millar’s society notes

Mark Millar is now partying with JK Rowling at his friend Muriel’s b-day party. Who is this Muriel who knows so many literary types? Is her last name “Spark”? (Yes, we know Muriel Spark is dead.) It was my friend Muriel’s bday and her husband had a big surprise bash, one of those things where […]

Frank Miller on NPR on 9/11

On September 11th, Frank Miller will be one of a number of essayists sharing their thoughts on the NPR program THIS I BELIEVE: Comic book writer and illustrator Frank Miller discusses his upbringing and newfound belief in patriotism and the U.S. flag in an essay for the NPR (National Public Radio) series This I Believe […]

Baldwin brother joins in on comics fun

Comics + born again Christians + a Baldwin brother = TOTAL BITCHIN’ FUN!: THE USUAL SUSPECTS star STEPHEN BALDWIN is launching a series of graphic novels to help his spread the word of Christianity to teenagers.The born-again Christian is the brains behind the SPIRIT WARRIOR series of comics, which follows the fortunes of a group […]