Marie Javins, Woman of Adventure

Comics vets will undoubtedly remember Marie Javins, the popular Marvel editor who worked on the 2099 line, Epic line, Hellstrom Akira, Earth X and so forth. She’s also worked as a colorist, and just spent three months in Kuwait editing for the Arabic publisher Teshkeel. Comics aside, since leaving Marvel, Marie has become something of […]

One Volume BONE new edition blowout

The original edition of the one-volume BONE collection sold out of 50,000 copies fairly quickly, but the new printing of 20,000 is just shipping now and is ALREADY unavilable from Diamond. Here’s the PR: The BONE: One Volume Edition is back in print and will be in stores this week. However, the books are completely […]

FIGHT! Byrne vs David

Okay we’re on vacation and don’t have time to dig into this with the complete abandon that it might require. So we’ll just point The Peanut Gallery in the right direction. It starts, apparently, with this post from John Byrne on his forum in answer to a reader’s question: Wasn’t the ending to Alpha Flight […]