Finally, the Rick has returned

We make no bones here at Stately Beat Manor about our admiration for the work of Rick Veitch. We said that before he was our boss, we said it while he was our boss, and we say it when we’re just pals again. From his early short stories for EPIC ILLUSTRATED through THE ONE and […]

Marvel Month-to-Month Sales July 2006

BY PAUL O’BRIEN Well, here’s something I never thought I’d see – a month where most of the six-month comparisons are going up. July was an extremely good month for Marvel, mostly thanks to CIVIL WAR. On top of that, X-MEN and UNCANNY X-MEN get new creative teams, a new GHOST RIDER title launches, and […]

Queenie Chan on THE DREAMING 2

Queenie Chan has finished THE DREAMING 2 and posts cool header art at her LJ: The Dreaming (Book 2): Is finished. YAY!!! All 181 pages of it, plus a 3-page mini-manga at the end. Jesus, whatta heckuva month. It’s going to be out on November 22, and while I made the deadline, it was no […]

Modern Tales adds nine

Modern Tales is debuting nine new strips today, new Editor Shaenon K. Garrity announced. Most of them were selected by her predecessor, Eric Burns, as editor of the site. Creators include Benjamin birdie, Chris Shadoian, and more. Complete list in the link.

LInks: Millar Podcast, Brubaker parody

Fanboy Radio is streaming a bunch of podcasts, including yesterday’s live Mark Millar broadcast: The most successful comic book writer today, Mark Millar returns to Fanboy Radio. In this non-stop, fast-paced, edit-free hour Mark speaks with hosts Scott, Oliver, Sean, TJ and answers your calls about Civil War, the delays that have inflamed comic fans, […]

Must Reading: 2005’s Graphic Novel Bestsellers

In what could very well be the Rosetta Stone for graphic novel sales analysis, The Book Standard takes a look at their Comics & Graphic Novel Chart which is taken from the Bookscan sales chart, which tracks actual book stores sales. The rankings on the Book Standard’s Comics & Graphic Novels Chart fluctuate week after […]

One more con: The Toronto Kerfluffle

The Toronto Star investigates the great Toronto Convention War: There is a secret war brewing in this city’s comics scene. Like any story set among spandex-clad vigilantes, this one conforms to some of the rules of the four-colour world. Just like Daredevil’s nemesis the Kingpin, one man wields influence over his vast domain. And just […]

Cons around the nation: Wichita, Seattle

Wichita, KS survives the trauma of cosplay, as the second Anime Festival Wichita draws to a close and a reporter wonders at the ability of people with shared interests to…meet! More than 2,000 people were expected at the second annual event, where the $15 to $30 admission price allowed access to anime screenings, a costume […]

Who really won, X-MEN or SUPERMAN?

THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER’s Anne Thompson looks at the summer’s superhero bockbusters and concludes that although X-MEN: THE LAST STAND may look like more of a box office hit that SUPERMAN RETURNS, Warners scored the ultimate win by luring Bryan Singer over to their team. Singer was the creative force behind the “X-Men” franchise, and now […]