TO DO: 8/12 Brooklyn 24Seven Extravaganza

We know Rocketship knows how to throw a party, and we know the 24Seven gang knows how to party. This is going to be good: a number of the creators of 24seven will be appearing/drinking/talking this saturday at ROCKETSHIP in brooklyn for our east coast release party shinding now that we’re back in town. people […]

Robertson podcast

The Pensacola News Journal is presenting comic book interview podcasts, and today it is Darick Robertson. “This week, we talk about Darick’s early career and “Transmet.â€? Next week’s second part will largely cover “The Boysâ€? and the current state of the comics industry.”

Variety on CGI toon glut

A string of CGI box office duds has proven that the magic of technology will not make lame stories and sloppy storytelling any more palatable Variety reveals: In 2004, the average box office for an animated pic was $149 million. This year, it’s $88 million. But then, there are 50% more toons in release this […]

Ask the cartooners!

Bryan Lee O’Malley and Brian Wood have open Q&A’s on their LJ’s. Spoilers beware. Meanwhile, Chip Zdarsky day over at the Engine may have faded into the collective unconsciousness of a battered nation, but he left in his wake some v.v. interesting interview threads with CHRIS BUTCHER DOUGLAS RUSHKOFF CAMERON STEWART MIKE WIERINGO TIM HAMILTON […]

McElhatton’s new review site!

After 1000 comics reviews at iComics, Greg McElhatton has moved his review site to its own spot Read About Comics: Read About Comics’s goal is to help keep you informed and updated on comics of all shapes, styles, sizes, and genres. Hopefully there will be a little something for everyone here, no matter what sort […]

MARVEL: Industry writers miss Avi

Marvel held another invester conference call this morning, this time to introduce its new production heads, Michael Helfant and Kevin Feige. But reading between the lines of Variety’s report, you can see it just isn’t the same without Avi. The absence of Arad, who shocked many by stepping down from his post as chairman of […]

McClouds announce first tour leg

The first few months of the The Making Comics 50 State Tour have been announced, with much more to come. The tour kicks off September 5th in New York City, the cay that Making Comics is published. To celebrate the HarperCollins release of Making Comics (and because we’ve always wanted an excuse to do it) […]