Claypool goes online

After a well documented struggle to stay in the Diamond catalog, Claypool Comics has just announced that they are going to the web and shutting down their print operations. After almost fourteen years and more than 300 issues — one of the longest runs in the history of independent comics — publisher Claypool Comics is […]

Warren Ellis to Launch Free Webcomics Portal

Warren Ellis is putting his money where his mouth is with his interets in webcomics, according to a post by Joey Manley at Comixpedia: I am working with Warren Ellis to launch a free webcomics portal using the new Webcomics Nation Collective Edition Engine. This latest addition to the Modern Tales family will be all […]


[The Beat is proud to present the continued Month-To-Month sales by Marc Oliver Frisch. The June sales for Marvel, compiled by Paul OBrien, can be found here.] DC COMICS MONTH-TO-MONTH SALES: JUNE 2006 by Marc-Oliver Frisch DC Comics’ major releases in June 2006 were the one-shot DCU: Brave New World, which introduces a number of […]

And then there were 9,724: New SPAWN Pop Culture website

According to a terse press release on SPAWN.COM, Todd McFarlane Companies is launching a new website covering various kinds of crap: It’s been obvious for years: Todd McFarlane has his finger on the pulse of pop culture. And we here at the McFarlane Companies are on a constant search for what makes things tick inside […]

Image and Marvel team to promote CRIMINAL

Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips’ new Icon title CRIMINAL is going to be showcased in THE WALKING DEAD, in a rare cross company promotion. Image’s The Walking Dead #30 will showcase the five-page teaser that Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips created for their new Icon book, Criminal. “Sean and I thought long and hard about […]

Naked Harry to show potter

In a time tested move to shed his “Kiddie Star Label” HARRY POTTER star Daniel Radcliffe will simultaneously show his stage chops and his doodle by taking on a role as a troubled teen who has a strange relationship with horses in a London production of Peter Shaffer’s “Equus.” The play has long been a […]

Back on the Chain Gang

Home again and on deadline. It’s odd not to be heading to the nearest Starbucks to get online. Everyone has already hashed out San Diego to death so we’ll only be posting one or two more things, including our Extreme Slam-sized SD Zeitgeist report and a few more pictures.