Wha’ Hoppen?

We’re just sitting here, for the first time in days surfing the web unimpeded by any of the following: presenting an award; people sitting around your hotel room drinking Jack Daniels; moderating a panel; racing to an editorial meeting; hooking up with a camera crew; sitting around waiting for a proof; trying to find out […]

Party happenings

The Hollywood Reporter Risky Business blog has all the actual happenings at San Diego — a world of parties far too cool for comic book people to attend. Sci-Fi Channel threw a cool rooftop party at the Hotel Solamar attended by not only the channel’s “Battlestar Galacticaâ€? cast members, and Colin Ferguson from its breakout […]

Losin’ it at San Diego

Graeme McMillan explains what its like to try and see the con in five hours. Anyway, it was just after half past one in the afternoon, and I still had five hours or so to explore the San Diego Comic-Con for the first time in my life before catching a plane back to San Francisco […]

On the road

We’re in beautiful Hell-A, where it’s hotter than we ever remember. We had a lovely dinner last night at the retro jetset restaurant Encounters at LAX (piccies to come, maybe) and now we’re waiting for some copyedits to come in for PWCW. We’re having computer issues at the moment, so may not be posting a […]