San Diego and the Con

The San Diego Union-Tribune has a well-researched look at the Comic-con from the locals viewpoint by Peter Rowe with lots of numbers, and it’s not just interesting because we’re quoted: the city and the convention have always had a rather…guarded relationship. This piece gives it a bit of perspective: While the Con’s impact is global, […]

SDCC: The BLVD ( #1701 )

The BLVD art collective (John Paul Leon, Sean Chen, Trevor Goring, Tommy Lee Edwards, and Bernard Chang) will be releasing the SECOND BLVD sketchbook at this year’s show, along with, we hope, their beautiful wooden booth. Published by Boom! Entertainment, the new sketchbook contains original comic stories, layouts, thumbnails, life drawings and more. Inside you’ll […]

SDCC: Devil’s Due (#1732)

INfo on the HACK/SLASH movie project, moving forwrad with director Todd Lincoln,and signings with R.A. Salvatore, Tim Seeley, Josh Blaylock and appearances by characters from GI JOE and FAMILY GUY more highlight Devil’s Due’s San Diego plans: Fans, prepare to be rocked…Skeptics, converted…Devil’s Due Publishing, Inc. (DDP) is packing its bags for Comic-Con International: San […]

Good GOD, Derek Kirk Kim

WEHT Derek Kirk Kim, anyway? He was hailed far and wide as a comics genius back in 2004 for his wonderful collection SAME DIFFERENCE AND OTHER STORIES, and scored a rare triple, winning the Eisner, Harvey and Ignatz awards for best newcomer. Since then he’s dabbled with a few webcomics, and announced an upcoming book […]

Variety on Painkiller Jane

Variety has a few new details on the 22 episode PAINKILLER JANE TV show just annonced by the SciFi Channel: As for “Painkiller Jane,” a superhero actioner about a young Marine officer with self-healing powers, series order arrives more than a year after the pilot was shot. Show reps the third consecutive original series ordered […]

Con Shuttle schedule posted; Swank added

Here as a PDF. Also up: The Gaming schedule, and a PDF Program Schedule in table form. Also while we were remarking on the shocking lack of Oscar® winners at the con, now TWO TIME Oscar® winner Hilary Swank will promote her new film THE REAPING Friday at 11 am, along with an appearance by […]