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INDIE VIEW: ‘O Josephine’ unveils the many moods of Jason

John Seven reviews 'O Josephine' by Jason

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 1/10/18: Star Wars star embraces boys love subtext...

  § Nice art: not much comics linkage today so this drawing of Moebius's Arzach in the style of Krazy Kat by Jason will have to do. §...

NSFW INTERVIEW: Eisner Nominated Jason Shiga dives into the twisted world...

Hilarious in execution, serious in subject matter, irreverent to human life, and an homage to various science fiction tropes; This only scratches the surface...

Podcorn’s Brandon Montclare & Amy Reeder Visit the Stately Beat Manor...

After an arduous week scraping gum off The Stately Beat Manor ceiling and cleaning crushed PBR cans out of the infinity pool, the Beat...

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 12/11/14: Krazy Kat vs Little Nemo

Actually, Julian Darius wrote the headline used in this KnB title, but it's the essential comics match up of all times, right? Also, Winsor McCay wasn't a very good letterer.

31 Days of Halloween: Scream Nancy

This is frightening on so many levels. Jason is doing Nancy horror mash-ups., as reported by Mike Baehr. You can see more here.:

Working for the Man: MoCCA 2012

BY JEN VAUGHN - Fantagraphics Books isn't necessarily THE MAN of the comics world but since I've only ever self-published my own comics, MoCCA 2012 was my first two days on the job as a staff member of the independent comics publisher. There are more than a few differences between the two experiences. Read on!

Nice art: Jason paints Hellboy

The possibilities are endless.

Jason reviews Paul Newman movies

The great Norwegian cartoonist Jason recently got a boxed set of Paul Newman movies and has been reviewing them -- for instance, THE DROWNING POOL: