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E3 2015: Who Won the Unofficial First Day of E3?

Commentary on the battle for E3 Media Monday supremacy and a bunch of awesome trailers.

WTGB: E3 2015 Predictions “Let the free T-shirts fly”

A few E3 2015 predictions and some Secret Wars giveaways.

Walking the Game Beat: Lego Crisis, New Daredevil Duds in Heroes,...

Lego does the small toy game thing, Halo 5 gets a new viral tease, and Marvel adds a new look for Daredevil.

Walking The Game Beat: Mighty Marvel Heroes, Arkham Knight, Halo, Star...

Games that have comics, comics that have games, some Star Wars to boot. We want them all, but we'll talk about them till such time as we get our hands on them. Tonight: Mortal Kombat X, Halo, Arkham Knight, and a new mobile game from Marvel make news.