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Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 1/21/19: What is your favorite George Pérez cover?

Also, changes in the business models at Spit and a Half and The MNT.

Another editor-in-chief fleeing his website as Hoffer leaves The Outhouse

We get most of our mainstream comics news at The Outhouse, which despite being a little rough with the personal jokes, still has a jaundiced view of comis publishing that's closer to the truth than many would suspect. However in a recent spate of comics news site turnovers, The Ourhouse is losing it's editor in chief, Christian Hoffer, who's moving on. Although he cites the usual—life changes, less time—it's clear that the snarky tone of the Outhouse also took its toll:

On the Scene— Jeff Smith at CCAD/MIX: Avoiding Garfield

by Christian Hoffer As part of the Columbus College of Arts and Design’s MIX Comic Symposium, Tom Spurgeon (of Comics Reporter fame) interviewed Jeff Smith...