CCI: SD International Film Festival schedule

Comic-Con International, the largest comic book convention in the Western Hemisphere, today announced official selections for its 2010 Independent Film Festival. The festival is held in conjunction with the convention from July 22 to 25.

Filmmaker Lloyd Kaufman (Troma Studios), magazine publisher/filmmaker Kerry O’Quinn (Starlog, Fangoria), and animator Mike Roush (Metalocalypse) are this year’s judges for films in competition. The films selected have no current distribution deals in place.

“The film festival is a valued part of the convention from both the fans’ and Comic-Con’s perspective,” said David Glanzer, Comic-Con’s director of marketing and public relations. “It continues to be our privilege to offer independent filmmakers this platform to showcase their unique artistic voices.”
In all, 42 features and shorts will compete in seven categories: Action/Adventure, Animation, Comics-Oriented, Documentary, Horror/Suspense, Humor and Science Fiction/Fantasy. Schedules permitting, many films will have a member of the production company on hand to discuss their project and answer questions from the audience.

A complete schedule for the festival, held at the San Diego Marriott Hotel and Marina, is available at Official selections include:

Action/Adventure Category

The Action Hero’s Guide to Saving Lives

Director: Justin Lutsky

The Danger Element

Director: John Soares

Animation Category


Director: Phil Tippett

Death Row Diet

Directors: Mike Salva/Tom Snyder


Director: Rob Silvestri


Director: Andres Salaff

The Mouse That Soared

Director: Kyle Bell

Vive Le Crise!

Director: Alexi Gubenco

Little Old Ladies

Director: John Varvir

The Way to Heaven

Directors: Dalton Grant/Mier Tang


Directors: Marianna Shek and Timothy Bond

The Cow Who Wanted to Be a Hamburger

Director: Bill Plympton

Comics-Oriented Category

The Legacy

Director: Mike Doto

Shadow Angel

Director: Heather Donnell

Cancer Man

Director: Jared Billings

Street Angel

Director: Lucas Testro

The League

Director: Kyle Higgins


Director: Susan Lee

Documentary Category


Director: Marcello Rubino

Comic Book Literacy

Director: Todd Kent

The Vinyl Frontier

Director: Daniel Zana


Director: Jeff Malmberg

New Brow: Contemporary Underground Art

Director: Tanem Davidson

Horror/Suspense Category

The Window

Director: Ryan Spindell

Mistaken Identity

Director: Tim Russ

Things We Leave Behind

Director: Andrew Brand

Death in the Garden

Director: Michael Chrisoulakis

The Price to Pay

Director: Paul Gayard


Director: Mark Millhone

Humor Category


Director: Ryan Silbert

Go Sukashi!

Director: Justin Spurlock

The New Dad’s Survival Guide

Director: Michael Chew


Director: Joe Gallina

The Substitute

Directors: The Cox Brothers

Thunder Chance

Director: Sean-Michael Smith

Herpes Boy

Director: Nathaniel Atcheson

Science Fiction/Fantasy Category

Mr. Bojagi

Director:  Marco van Belle


Directors: The Shumway Brothers

Hunter Prey

Director: Sandy Collora

Stingray Sam

Director: Cory McAbee

A Time for the Heart

Director: Christopher Allen

I (Heart) Doomsday

Director: Patrick Downing