The end of history?

Was Fukuyama right?

[Via James Urbaniak.]

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  1. you mean the END OF CIVILIZATION! hahaaa

  2. I

  3. I thought it was GREAT.

    Now if the Oscars are Rickroll’d, that will be pathetic. The only possible step past this is Rickrolling the ISS or the moon. After that, forget it.

  4. Is nothing sacred?

  5. I did the biggest Uncle Miltie double take when I saw this yesterday morning but I agree: great. Absurd and crazy and nuts but great — just like Foster’s.

  6. You ain’t rickrolling me, no ma’am.

    Cause Wil Wheaton beat you to it.

  7. Despite Nick Lowe saying that Rick Astley made a record that was ghastly, I always had a soft spot in my lowbrow heart for the album.

    And I have it on cassette!

  8. I have to say, I loved seeing a live Rickrolling in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade of all places. The funny part for me, though, was having to explain to my wife what Rickrolling was.

  9. Rickrolling is like office humor without the office. Start explaining it and you realize how out of whack your life is because of that damn Internet.

  10. Torsten Adair says:

    Ah… I get it… it’s like “Freebird” for the Internet.

    Mr. Astley looks quite good for his age. And kudos for Foster for adding something hip and somewhat unusual to the Macy’s Parade!

    Of course, this pales next to World of Warcraft “The Internet is for Porn” music video.

  11. Rick Roll’d!!!

  12. What hath YouTube wrought?

  13. Edward Liu says:

    I think it’s cool that this may be the only rickrolling that Rick Astley will get paid for.

  14. Something this random, that was purely and odd internet in-joke… making it this far into mainstream… personally I just think thats pretty cool.

    – R

  15. Something this random, that was purely and odd internet in-joke… making it this far into mainstream… personally I just think thats pretty cool.

  16. Short of the Obama inauguration or the the realization of a two-state solution in Israel/Palestine, I think this is pretty much the end of Rickrolling when you’ve got Rick himself pwning millions of viewers.

  17. Rickrolling has now officially jumped the shark.

  18. Unfortunately, during the live broadcast, the commentators almost ruined it by announcing that it had a “musical surprise” before the performance. Still amusing, though I agree with Brian Jacoby.

  19. This is truly very disturbing

  20. Ben May says:

    I guess this is sort of like when Jim Davis endorsed Garfield Without Garfield?

  21. This may be the greatest moment in modern Thanksgiving’s Day Parade history.

  22. Torsten Adair says:

    Wouldn’t it have been better if he had interrupted another performer on the float?
    Or if the announcers had announced a different name?
    Other great moments… The Cat In The Hat crashes into a street light, causing it to crash onto the crowd below… While being tested at the storage facility in New Jersey, the Superman balloon escapes… the Ask Jeeves server crashes as confused viewers wonder why that balloon is floating in the parade…

  23. Rafael says:

    Weirder still was having the split screen on with CNN breaking the Mumbai Massacre.

  24. I think in this generation of American Idol and Dancing with the Stars – you should be shot on sight for lipsyncing.



  25. Steve Taylor says:

    Personally,…I don’t see demeaning the venerable American art of lipsyncing just because someone doesn’t do it particularly well. It was good enough for the Beatles, god dammit,…and it was good enough for the Rolling Stones!

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