The crossover we’re ALL waiting for: Epic Misney

T Campbell and John Waltrip for the Disney-Marvel mishmash of your dreams. And posters ARE available. Get ’em while you can!


  1. Jay says

    Seems unlikely that the “satire” tag will protect this from legal action.

  2. says

    Years ago, in another life, I worked with John Waltrip (and his brother Jason) as a writer and an editor. It was a really terrific experience for me and I’m glad to see John getting some attention from around the internets.

  3. spike says

    Wow, that just made me realize that Disney’s about to take possession of Howard the Duck. I wonder, if, in some afterlife dimension, Steve Gerber is disgusted over the prospect.

  4. says

    This is brilliant. I honestly never noticed how many direct analogues there were (Beast vs. “Beast”, etc.)

  5. michael says

    I’ll agree with the parody remark, but still, not, satire, to me at least.

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