Preview: How C-3PO Became The Red Arm Droid


Today Marvel released a preview for STAR WARS SPECIAL: C-3PO #1. The book written by James Robinson (Armor Wars, Earth-2) and illustrated by Tony Harris (Ex Machina) is out this March . Only the spectacle of the Star Wars universe could reunite these two award winning creators as they reveal the mystery behind C-3PO’s red arm in The […]

Robinson and Harris team as do Disney and Marvel for the story of C-3PO’s red arm


Well now. If you were wondering how closely the new movie Star Wars universe and the Marvel Comics Star Wars universe would work together, considering that both are now owned by Disney, the answer is “Yes.” You may have noticed that C-3PO was sporting a new red arm in the Force Awakens trailers, and assumed that he’d lose a limb during the film. However, the origin of Threepio’s new appendage will be told in STAR WARS SPECIAL: C-3PO #1, a one-shot out this December right around the movie’s release. And it’s by the team of writer James Robinson and Tony Harris, the Starman team reuniting for the first time in nearly 20 years.

Will you give Tony Harris $60k for his new comic? — UPDATED

Kickstarter, the website that allows creative types to raise money by direct appeal to a community of supporters, has been helping all sorts of folks get their dream comics out there — from reprints of obscure old comics, to webcomic collections. Most projects we’ve seen are fairly modest. But some are much bigger in scope.

Tony Harris has just turned to Kickstarter for his new project ROUNDEYE: For Love. That would be Starman/Ex Machina, five-time Eisner nominee Tony Harris.