And then they came for the cosplayers…


A few people sent this to me last night, but out of respect for Tony Harris’s great art, I couldn’t bring myself to post it, but now that he’s asked people to retweet it, here you go: I cant remember if Ive said this before, but Im gonna say it anyway. I dont give a […]

Promo art for CHIN MUSIC by Steve Niles and Tony Harris

One of the new books announced at the Image Expo, CHIN MUSIC, by Steve Niles and Tony Harris, via.

Will you give Tony Harris $60k for his new comic? — UPDATED

Kickstarter, the website that allows creative types to raise money by direct appeal to a community of supporters, has been helping all sorts of folks get their dream comics out there — from reprints of obscure old comics, to webcomic collections. Most projects we’ve seen are fairly modest. But some are much bigger in scope.

Tony Harris has just turned to Kickstarter for his new project ROUNDEYE: For Love. That would be Starman/Ex Machina, five-time Eisner nominee Tony Harris.