It’s a strange guide to a mysterious treasure, this tome launching April 25th at Desert Island (eerily appropriate venue name!) from So What? Press, edited by Lara Antal and Dave Kelly. BREAKERS is the culmination of the Atlantic Center for the Arts Residency Program’s three weeks of seclusion for 26 comics creators in the Autumn of 2012. Those circumstances alone are enough to make it an unusual volume, but in addition the “students” who willingly cast away on this adventure are all professionals placing themselves for the duration of the residency in the hands of mentors to explore their craft, do a fair amount of soul-searching, and rise the challenges their mentors posed. Mentors for the ACA Residency 2012 as “Master Artists-in-Residence” included Ellen Forney, Megan Kelso, and Dean Haspiel and their “students” were organized into three “teams” under their leaders, self-titled Team Zeppelin, Field House Gang, and Team YOLO, respectively.

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